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Fulton Marine International, Inc.

Fulton Marine International, Inc.'s IPM Consultants are specialists in providing Integrated Pest Management services, training and education to the Cruise Ship Industry. Our goal is to design an Integrated Pest Management Program that is in compliance with the USPH & CDC Vessel Sanitation Manuals, then educate and train the Ship Staff on how to follow the program and maintain an insect free environment.

Our program is Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous and is based on the IPM principles of inspection, baiting, monitoring, record keeping, sanitation and prevention. Our program eliminates the need for use and storage of most residual pesticides, which creates a much safer environment for both your crew and passengers.

The advantages of using Fulton Marine International, Inc. are:

fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Custom designed Integrated Pest Management Program
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Train and Certify Ship Staff to operate program in-house
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Eliminates weekly visits and charges by outside Pest Control Companies
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Year round Customer Support of program
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Make sure Ship is in compliance with The IPM requirements of USPH & CDC Vessel Sanitation Manuals
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Certified in Public Health Pest Management
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Use of products that are Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Reduced costs
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Reduced product storage space
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Monitoring of product purchases to prevent over ordering, help control costs and insure that no restricted or banned products are placed onboard
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Annual inspections and retraining of Ship Staff
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Safer environment for your crew and passengers
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Authorized Exclusive distributor of The Mantis Fly Control System for the Marine Industry.

Fulton Marine International, Inc. has the reputation of being the Leader in the Marine Industry when it come to the Cruise Industry's Integrated Pest Management & Consulting needs. We are currently providing Integrated Pest Management and Consulting Services to most Cruise Lines.

If you would like to discuss our program and how we can benefit your Cruise Line, please don't hesitate to call. We look forward to providing you with the most comprehensive, up-to-date, effective and cost efficient Integrated Pest Management & Consulting Program available in the Industry. 


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