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Mantis Fly Control System

We are pleased to announce that Fulton Marine has been awarded the Marine Distributor Rights for the Mantis Fly Control System.

This is the best system we have come across so far for controlling flies onboard ships. It works well in all areas of the ship and it is safe and sanitary. 

The biggest advantage of this system over other units that are available, is we have NO exploding insect parts to contaminate food and service areas. This is a high priority with all CDC and Public Health Inspectors. This will be the best sanitary investment you can make. Once you have purchased the units, the cost of up-keep and supplies are minimum.

The Uplighter units for the dining room are very discrete and blend in with any decor. The passengers will not see the blue bulbs.

What else can you ask for? We can now offer a Fly Control Program that can be effectively used and maintained onboard by the ships personnel with very little training.

We will build the units for each ship's specifications. Please specify the voltage, cycles (hz) and what type of plug you will require. Subject to the above, delivery should be 7 to 10 days.

We currently have the Mantis units installed on:

fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Carnival Cruise Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Princess Cruise Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) P & O
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Costa Cruise Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Crystal Cruise Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Norwegian Cruise Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Holland America Cruise Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Wind Star
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Orient Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Cunard Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Seabourn Cruise Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Disney Cruise Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Crown Cruise Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes)Discovery Cruise Lines

Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss how this may be of benefit for your Cruise Lines.

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