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Fulton Marine International, Inc.
About Us

Fulton Marine International, Inc. has been servicing the Integrated Pest Management needs of the Cruise Ship industry since 1970. We specialize in providing a unique service to the Cruise Ship Industry by merging our technology with a custom designed service program that is specifically designed for each ship. Our goal is to help each ship maintain an insect free environment. At the same time only using non-toxic, non-hazardous products. 

This custom designed service program includes a service schedule in plain, easy-to-understand, terms that can be followed by trained ship staff. This program contains recommended times of service, as well as, the safe and efficient use of the products. We only recommend the use of non-toxic, non-hazardous baits.

We will train the ships staff in the proper and safe method of application of the bait. All training is performed aboard each ship by fully experienced and certified Fulton Marine International, Inc. Consultants. We will provide you a full written report after each service and inspection.

Our service also offers monitoring of all chemicals purchased; to insure the proper products are being used and not over used. By Fulton Marine International, Inc. monitoring your chemicals, we can assure that you are not over-paying or over-buying the necessary and proper chemicals.

We also offer to monitor each chemical order so that only approved chemicals are placed onboard and no banned, restricted or toxic chemicals are purchased.

We are available at any time, to discuss any pest management problems with you and guide you through them. We will provide only Certified Marine Consultants to work with your staff, to thoroughly perform a pest management service, inspection and re-train the ship staff. We will provide a training certificate for all staff members trained, to comply with USPH and CDC requirements.

All of the above services are available to the Cruise Ship Industry along with Fulton Marine International, Inc.'s annual pest management service and inspection. The cost for this service, excluding expenses, is based on a per diem for the required technical consultants needed to fulfill the necessary services and inspections. 

If special services are required, between annual services, that can not be handled by your staff, Fulton Marine international, Inc.  will provide our Professionally Trained Consultants, anywhere in the world, within 72 hours. The charge for this service will be billed at a per diem rate plus expenses.

Some of our current accounts for your information are:

fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Costa Cruise Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Cunard lines Limited
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Carnival Cruise Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Norwegian Cruise Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Discovery Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Princess Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) P&O Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Holland American Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Orient Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Crown Cruises
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Crystal Cruise Lines
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Seabourn Cruises
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Martinolli Ship management
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) V Ship Marine Maritime Management, Ltd.
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Cruise West
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) Wind Star Cruises
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) WindJammer Cruises
fmiglobebw4.gif (2483 bytes) SeaDream Cruises

I welcome the opportunity to discuss our program with you and your environmental staff.

Philip S. Van Dam
President / CEO

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Office: (828) 697.1998
World Wide Cell Phone: (954) 614.5682


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