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Integrated Pest Management & Consultants For The Marine Industry
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Fulton Marine International, Inc.

Fulton Marine International, Inc. has been providing quality Integrated Pest Management & Consulting services for the Cruise Ship Industry since 1970.

Fulton Marine International, Inc. is an IPM Consultant for the Cruise Ship Industry, specializing in the development, teaching and training of the Integrated Pest Control Management system to be used onboard ships.

Fulton Marine International, Inc. also offers to monitor chemical purchases, to insure that no restricted or banned pesticides are used onboard the ships. Our service includes providing an annual inspection by one of our Consultants once a year. During this time, we make an evaluation of the ship's on going Pest Management Program. We will make any suggestions or corrections to the Pest Management Program as necessary, during this time. We will issue a training certificate for all staff members trained, to comply with USPH and CDC requirements.

Fulton Marine International, Inc.  works along side the Ship Service Team and holds training classes onboard the ship. We teach how to read the MSDS sheets, proper application techniques, safety and identification of problem areas.

Fulton Marine International, Inc. currently consults and teaches onboard over 125 ships per year. We can pick up the ship in route or any port; this could be in United States waters, European waters or anywhere.

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